MightyBoard Exhibitor System


MightyBoard Exhibitor System

Large portable display system. The Mightyboard Exhibitor is portable thanks to its split pole design and slightly smaller panel size. This allows the system to be neatly packed into carry bags and easily loaded into any normal car. All components are fully interchangeable with Mightyboard Display System, giving great flexibility. The panels lock firmly into position, creating a very safe structure. High impact PVC framed panels are double sided with a choice of 4 loop nylon coverings, which accept pins and Velcro® or Busyfix. Made in the UK.

Product Features

  • Modular panel display systems
  • Great for events and exhibitions
  • Aluminium pinion edged panels for strength and reliability - rotates positively through 360 degrees
  • Sturdy steel bases aid easy one person assembly and provide extra stability.
  • Additional boards, poles and headers can be added as required
  • Covered in fire retardant BS5867 loop nylon fabric
  • Accepts pins as well as Velcro
  • 1-year warranty
  • 4 colours: Royal Blue, Red, Emerald Green & Twin Colour Blue/Grey.
  • Made to order in the UK - Please allow up to 10 to 15 working days for delivery

Kit Contents 

Kit A  4 panels 900mm x 900mm - 2 header panels 200mm x 900mm - 3 split poles 1800mm and 3header poles 200mm 
Kit B 4 Panels 900mm x 1200m - 2 Header Panels 200mm x 1200mm - 3 Split Poles 1800mm and 3 Header Poles 200mm
Kit C 6 Panels 900mm x 900mm - 3 Header Panels 200mm x 900mm - 4 Split Poles 1800mm and 4 Header Poles 200mm 
Kit D 6 Panels 900mm x 1200mm - 3 Header Panels 200mm x 1200mm - 4 Split Poles 1800mm and 4 Header Poles 200mm 
Kit E 6 Panels 900mm x 1200mm - 4 Panels 900mm x 900mm - 3 Header Panels 200mm x 1200mm - 2 Header Panels 200 x 900mm - 6 Split Poles 1800mm and 6 Header Poles 200mm